Diamond grinding discs - underfloor heating systemsFermacell milling discs - underfloor heating systemsTie wire for rebar machines


Diamond grinding discs - underfloor heating systems

Our high quality diamond grinding discs for underfloor heating systems are used for milling into existing floors.
We provide grinding disks / milling cutters in 3 types for most common floors:
- Black diamond grinding discs for medium hard floors ( cement screed, anhydrite screed etc.)
- Red diamond grinding discs for hard floors ( screeds, concrete, tiles etc.)
- For fermacell overlay systems in underfloor heating we offer fermacell milling discs.

All discs are available in standard dimensions:
- 15 or 17 mm wide (depending on the used underfloor heating tubes)
- Diameter 120 or 130 mm (depending on the used milling machine)
- Retainer 22,23
- 12 T-segments for diamond disks to create tight curves.

For Rebar Wire Tie Binding Machines we offer the most common rolls in very high quality. We offer tie wire for brands like MAX, Makita and TJEP machines.
Our tie wire is suitable for a range of applications such as building concrete foundations and underfloor heating systems
- Length: 95 meters per reel
- Thickness: 0,8 mm / 22 gauge.
- Reels per carton box: 50

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